Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working on William's Schedule

William's schedule:

Wake up 615 (Mike wake us up if we aren't already)
Breakfast 7 (with Natalie woken up by Mike before he goes to work)
Nap 830
Lunch 12
Nap 130
Dinner 530
Bath 615
Nurse 645

I've been wondering if William's night wakings are a result of us needing a tighter schedule for him. At first I was just thinking more consistency in nap time and pinpointing bed time. Also, I was thinking he needs a more solid bedtime routine. But as I wrote the schedule above, I realized that I don't know his nursing times like I did Natalie's. Some might say that is because I am nursing him more on demand and following his cues, but I don't feel so. I think more structure to his day time feeding might allow him to go without easier at night. Additionally, I think he's enjoying his solid food enough that I can't skip over his solid meals by letting sleep through them.

Adjusted bedtime routine:
Undress in his room with Daddy (this time for horseplay)
Bath with Natalie every night
Back to his room (low light, no N, quite play)
Nurse while I read, sing, and talk to him
Move to crib when very sleepy

Also, we are going to start attacking his first waking after this weekend when we are away. Mike is planning on trying to hold him and rock him back to sleep more than letting him cry alone, which we know doesn't work at night. For naps, he'll cry maybe ten minutes and then sleep, but the two times we tried CIO at bedtime he went for an hour. I'm not sure what we are going to do from there. I'm not sure he will let me rock him to sleep versus nursing; he isn't even letting Mike do that now. Besides, I'm pretty good on frequent wakings, but that might be too much for me. its just so much easier to give in and let him sleep next to me in the bed. I think we'll just work on routines and the 9\10 pm waking first.

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