Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Unlucky Day

Figures we make it through Friday the 13th last week without a hitch, but today has been a wreck.

  • William decided its play time for almost two hours in the middle of the night.
  • Mike agrees to watch William while he gets ready for work and let me go back to bed, but William cries during his diaper change sending poop flying and Mike needs me to get back up and assist.  
  • Natalie wakes up grumpy.
  • I remember that the doctor said if Natalie has a cold the week before her injections, then we have to cancel and Natalie's nose keeps running and running.  I now have to decide to call and ask if we need to cancel or wait it out until Monday.
  • Natalie spits up red juice on her new yellow shirt.  
  • The plumber shows up to work about a minute after I put William down peacefully for a nap.  The plumber then needs to go in and out of the house and up and down the stairs a million times and William can't fall asleep.  
  • The city of Lewiston thinks wood chips make a good playground covering.  William tries to eat them over and over again.  While scooping one out, I manage to push one down his throat.  
  • During lunch, I drop a gallon of milk on the floor and it doesn't spill ... until three hours later when I see it leaking out of the fridge all over the floor.  
  • The hot water is turned off when we go to get bath ready for both kids, so both kids go down later than usual.  
  • As Mike starts to shave, we hear water trickling.  Turns out the water pressure changes from the work the plumber did coupled with an old and clogged drain blew out the whole set up under the bath room sink.  Everything under the sink is soaked. 

William woke up at 830, 845, and 910

Just feeling very stressed right now. We have a lot going on - refinacing the house, converting to natural gas, planning my sister's baby shower, and Natalie's injections. Add to that us wanting to get out to a movie, my book clun meeting, and me wanting to get the kids photos done for Mother's Day.

But its not just the business. Natalie seems to be doing better. She is freely climbing up on the couch again and climbing up two stairs holding a railing. Just a lot less "I can't". But, she tired out quickly at the grocery store a couple days ago reverting to limping and crying. She's also just been being more contrayer, which I think is because she feels better. She's also asked to be carried at times we know she isn't hurting. Its frustrating to not know how she is really feeling. Its also confusing to have her feeling better, but know this procedure still needs to be done, as well as other appoitments for her eyes, physical therapy, and follow up with the rheumatologist. Then add that the procedure could be pushed back because of a runny nose. I've not allowed myself to think about her injections much because of how hard of a day it will be. I just want to get through it, not have to start waiting all over again.

Then there is William sleeping poorly. Of course I'm worried that he is upset because he swallowed a wood chip and its going to hurt him. But I don't know for sure it was a wood ship; it might has been an Annie's bunny gramham cracker I let him have to try to prevent him from eating wood chips. Turns out those are the same color as wood chips. I'm worried that his early wakings this evening mean I'm in for a long night. Its really not so bad sharing a bed with him if he sleeps, but last night he didn't sleep. If I put him in his crib he would have screamed and not slept, so he played around in bed with me acting sleepy, but didn't sleep. I just want to sleep for more than two hours in a row.

Mike says he'll give me some time out alone on Saturday, but I feel like I can't even enjoy it, like I need to spend it doing productive things. At the same time, I really think I need it, especially if we are going to have a rough day Tuesday with Natalie's joint injections.

Its ridiculous to go threw day after day with the kids yet still feel like I barely ever get anything done, not real playing with the kids or any of the other million things I want to do. My focus is always so split.

Mike just came in to say goodnight. He gets to go read in bed for a while and then sleep a full night (most likely).

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