Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mouse Paint Mice


What You Need to make your mice exactly like ours:
Copy of Mouse Paint
Thin white paper or tracing paper
White craft foam
Pink felt
Red marker
Red, yellow, and blue tissue paper

What to Do:
I first picked out three mice I liked from the illustrations, and then I traced their bodies on the white paper.  I cut out the tracings, and outlined them onto the white foam.  I then cut out the pink pieces freehand looking at the pictures.  The ears were the easiest since they're just ovals; the limbs and tails took a bit more thought.  Once the pink was glued on, I drew on the eyes.

I thought for a long time about how to make the paint.  Making them to be the exact shape of the mice would have made it too much like a puzzle where only one fit with each mouse.  I thought that would be too hard for Natalie, even though that would look the most like the illustrations.  I originally wanted to make three paint jars, but I decided to just make paint blobs because it was easier and faster and this craft was sitting half done on my desk. 

You could use all felt or all foam if you like.  Also, you could make your mice out of paper or card stock.  I had bought red sparkly pom poms for the eyes, but they were too big.  What I had really wanted was red sequins.  I think that colored cellophane would work much better than the tissue paper, but I didn't have any or see any at the craft store.  (I also don't know if I would have bought three whole roles just for this little project).  

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