Sunday, March 18, 2012

The last week

Been really productive around here lately. Last weekend, we did a ton of cleaning. We just got on a roll and kept going. That was nice for this weekend because we didn't have anything extra to clean for the awesome weather. It is unseasonably warm in the high 60's. Later this week will be warmer still!

Some things we've gotten done in the last week:
* set my sister's baby shower date, reserved the room, mailed the check, and ordered the invitations
* decided to continue our farm share this summer and mailed the check
* signed the initial paperwork for refinancing the house (full point lower interest rate means about $20 saved a month)
* I rescanned some pictures and finalized the image for Natalie's first iron on tee
* bought my mom's birthday present
* got the kids spring / summer pjs, bathing suits, and next year's winter coat for William, and finally found a cardigan for Natalie for Easter (total under $70!)
* got myself five new shirts and five old shirts to get rid of
* reorganized top of the hutch in the kitchen
* emptied my school papers out of a set of drawers to bring upstairs for craft supplies
* Mike finished soeting his MP3s including tags, converting cds, and deleting junk for about 2000 songs
* Mike shaved and got a hair cut for the warm weather
* made Natalie a weather wheel and a grocery store checklist
* got the kids's feet measured and bought William's first shoes!

Fun stuff we did
* played in the backyard a couple times, first time since the fall and first time ever for William
* hosted play date on Friday including providing Lucky Charm treats Natalie helped make (well, just a little)
* went on many walks including both weekend days with Mike
* went to the park where William went on a swing for the first time and Natalie enjoyed the see saw, a picnic snack, and talking to some other little girls
* made a few crafts with Natalie and painted
* made Mike's birthday card
* almost finished decorating my friend's shower present
* made postcards from Natalie's pillow pet which is due to arrive this week
* William learned to crawl!

We had a few low points as always, but that is to be expected. On her good days Natalie is being more rebelloius. She learned about running away from us from watching a friend. Thank god she hasn't done it in public. We also had some fights over food. Dropping it on the floor on purpose and taking too much she can't chew in her mouth and holding it. But these are regular toddler things. William was had some fussiness as he figured out the crawling and continued night waking. In fact, I'm writing this now as he nurses in his sleep. Even though these are normal child rearing problems, I sometimes feel I handle them poorly and find myself doing and saying things I dislike out of frustration. Most common is telling Natalie to stop crying over tiny set backs and wanting William to hols still for diapers or nursing. Then there is my usual guilt of just surviving and trying to get a few moments for myself resulting in poor quality time spent with them. Most notably I've been feeling guilty about reading to them less and how much less I read to William compared to Natalie at this age. I've been working on getting Natalie to go play in her room alone when she wants to, but she insists I come with her or she comes back almost always. But we have been watching less TV, so we must be interacting and playing a little bit more, right?

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