Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Wreathes

On Sprout's Good Night Show, Nina has made wreathes using paper plates more than once.  I took that idea and adapted it for these Spring / Easter wreathes.  Natalie made the pink one and I made the yellow one.

What we used:
One pink party plate (left over from Natalie's first birthday party!)
One white paper plate (painted yellow)
Glue (we used both a glue stick and craft glue)
Whole punch
Rainbow ribbon from our scrap box
Foam flower stickers
Glitter foam Easter stickers (97 cents at Walmart)
Pastel pom poms in different sizes
Metallic pom poms
Lady bug stickers
Butterfly stickers
Cut outs from a calendar and a greeting card

What we did:
While Natalie napped and William played on the floor, I gathered up the spring decorations from our existing supplies.  I didn't go buy anything special to make this.  I painted the paper plate and let it dry.  I think I cut out the centers of the paper plates before hand, too.  I then put everything in a ziplock bag until we were ready to use it.

Making the wreath:
Not much to it.  I knew Natalie would want the pink one, so I worked on the yellow one.  She picked out items she wanted right away.  I helped her glue and remove sticker backs while I worked on my own wreath.  The only problem we had was that Natalie kept saying she was done when she only had a few items on her wreath.  She kept going with some gentle prodding.  After we had stuck on all our items, I punched the holes.  Natalie helped thread the ribbon through the holes. I tied the bow and hung them on the front door.  I liked that it was a nice surprise for my husband to see when he got home and gave him something to talk to her about immediately upon arriving home.

Next time:
We didn't use all the items I had pulled out, so I left them in the ziplock bag for next time.  I've already painted another paper plate in case she wants to do it again.  Next time, I might see if she wants to squeeze the hole puncher and I might lift her up to hand the wreath on the hook. 

I really liked using the pom poms in the center of the flowers.

Here they are together on our door. I liked them both so much I put them both on the front door and painted a second plate blue for us to make for our other door. 
We made this one together.  She chose all the stickers and I added the little details.

Love the pom poms for the tails.  Made the butterfly with gem and sequins left over from a craft kit and a stub of pipe cleaner folded in half.  The centers of the flowers are the foam pieces that popped out of the center of the foam flower stickers. 

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