Friday, February 3, 2012

Techno Mom

I really have developed an addiction to all my electronic devices. I can't help it; they actually do make my daily life easier.

DVR - I've written a lot about our DVR. Its incredibly convient for both shows for Natalie and shows for us.
Netflix - We don't use Netflix with Natalie because we don't have an internet connected TV upstairs. But, I know several people who only have Netflix and no cable so their kids only watch Netflix. I use Netflix sometimes for myself on my smartphone when I don't feel like reading while nursing.
Smartphone - I use my smartphone for everything! Its easier to connect to the internet quickly and get what I need to do done fast. I look up library books and renew them. I check the weather. Look up store hours and phone numbers. Check recipes. Of course, I also go on Facebook, but I will say in my defense that it is how I commicate with a lot out my out of state and working friends. Dropping them a message is easier then finding time to call when the kids are both asleep. I've also used my Amazon app a lot. I compare prices and scan barcodes of toys for the kids' wishlists. I also have a Blogger app. I am writing this whole post with my thumb as William naps in my lap! But perhaps the best part of my smartphone is the text messaging. Mike and I text all the time now with our unlimited plan. I tell him how are day is going and ask him questions. The types of things that weren't important enough to call about before I can text to him. And he loves that I can send him pictures.
Kindle - I wasn't sure I would like a Kindle, but I love it. Most of my reading these days is done while nursing, sometimes in the dark. Our Kindle makes reading even the longest book easy and I only need one finger to turn the page. Our case has a built in book light, so I can read at 2 am while William nurses with turning on a light or fumbling with a clip on light. Lastly, I can have a book I'm reading to William going and then switch back to my book with two taps.
Wireless Copier Printer - I use this for one major fuction: copying coloring sheets before Natalie colors them. Doing this is now fast and easy, and we can color the same picture over and over. There are tons of free coloring sheets on line, mostly from the networks. But if you are a TV free house you could still copy a dollar store coloring book and save more money. Having our printer upstairs has also allowed me to print other projects for Natalie and I far more easily. (Out previous set involved going into our basement office and turning my husband's computer on. This sounds easy, but is more difficult when there are two kids to watch and you are running up and down the stairs over a baby gate multiple times just to get a picture of Elmo to color).
Video Baby Monitor - I wish we had one of these all along, but have just had it a couple months. Since I sleep in William's room, we have it set up so we can see Natalie. Its great to be able to see why she is crying or if she is a wake. Its saved me from having to get up out of bed many times and also from having to move William off my lap unnecessarily.

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