Sunday, February 19, 2012

Natalie and William up date

  • Knows circle, square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, star, and heart. She can also find then in objects in a picture, like an apple is a circle and a book a rectangle.  She also says octagon whenever she sees a stop sign.  
  • Knows about five or six letters like A, B, and S. She can reciet the alphabet song.
  • Can reciet up to 15, but counts actual objects to 3 or 4. 
  • Learning to say excuse me instead of move.
  • Understands birds hatch from eggs. When Mike broke an egg for brownies she said it was hatching.
  • Playing with and interacting more with William, such as laying with him on the floor or saying she misses or loves him and petting his head when he cries.
  • Does well with sharing (mostly because doesn't become attached to one toy someone else is using)
  • Whines a lot, so we are working on stopping it
  • Will ask for a deal at dinner to get dessert
  • Has started to say when she has had a food before
  • Said "say, I like (name food)!" Like in Green Eggs and Ham
  • Has whole songs memorized and cam sing them by herself. Sometimes will sing with is.
  • Can blow her nose if you hold the tissue, but hasn't learned to cover when she sneezes for real.
  • Went to her first movie!
  • Loves to help at the grocery store by picking out produce and putting it in the bag.
  • Can match items, but has a hard time doing so in an I Spy type book.
  • Has started to say she is awesome.
  • Says her toys are doing a great job doing things.
  • Has graduated to real tantrums.  
  • Helped unload the dishwasher by putting all the plastic items on the kitchen counter.  
  • Pretend Baby Kitty is a dog by putting a make shift collar on her and wagging her tale. She barks, too.
  • One time old me Baby Kitty was a butterfly. When asked what BK was doing as a butterfly, she said opening and closing her wings.
  • Loves running around the coffee table, or similar objects.
  • When she pretends to nap, she demands a goodnight book.
  • One morning she told Mike she likes the color blue like the fishy towel, and then they talked about shades of blue on a blanket.
  • Really good at making connections between stories.
  • Has an awesome memory for stories in particular, but other small things, too. Like she remembers trick or treating over 3 months ago and wearing party hats one time at a birthday party 2 months ago.
  • Struggles with concepts of time, but can wait a little while and will even say she is waiting. But anything past tomorrow is completely confusing and sometimes even later is hazy.
  • Laughs when others do, even if she doesn't get the joke. Will say something is funny or silly

Has 2 teeth!
Loves to stand and jump
Is going through a rough phase where nothing entertains him for more than five minutes (at least, I hope its a phase...)
Is more curious than Natalie was about objects out of reach
Tries to grab Mike's food at dinner
Can drink a little from a sippy cup with some help
"Kisses" or snuggles by leaning his forhead into you
Wants everything in his mouth, including books
Looks for an object he has dropped and will pick it up again if he can
Gets frusrated with toys, but keeps playing with them instead of fropping and picking something new
Can push up so far on his arms that only his toes remain on the ground, like a full push up excerise. Once or twice has experimented with bending his knees a bit under himself.
Discover buttons on clothes
Usually takes three naps and eats about 5 times during the day (at least 2 more during the night)
Loves bath in the big tub, especailly splashing, chasing toys, and rubber ducks to chew on
Watches Natalie and sometimes is comforted by her or smiles at her

Natalie's favorite things: Baby Kitty's tale, cookies, fruit, singing, being read to, hugs, lady bugs, trains, Kai-lan, superheroes, sunglasses, pretty clothes esp skirts that make her a ballerina / princess, helping, washing her hands, spinning, riding in the car, our neighbors, glue sticks, M&M's, TV, sitting on our laps, colors pink and purple

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