Thursday, October 6, 2011

ten minute post

I'm giving myself ten minutes to write, then I have to go get ready to go.  Natalie is playing with her Little People dollhouse making the grandma and grandpa sleep.  Meanwhile, William is sleeping.  Its seemed like he was goign to wake up several times, but because I was busy typing up an old blog or busy with Natalie on my lap, I just let him fuss, and low and behold, he kept on sleeping.  Maybe I've been making things worse by rocking him when he fusses? 

Speaking of William's sleeping, we had a bit of roughness last night.  He slept later in the afternoon Than usual, but then was up for about two hours plus, but after his bath and nursing, he wouldn't go down.  Mike held him for a while, but the way William wanted to be held was killing his back, so he put him down.  William was awake within 20 minutes.  But, it was mostly because he kicked his swaddle off completely.  So, I nursed him again and this time he stayed down until I came up to bed.  It is very annoying how William almost always wake up as soon as I lay down.  I can stand by his bed waiting for him to stir again, and as soon as I give up and sit down or lay down, there he goes.  Anyway, the rest of the night went alright.  I was so tired that I fell asleep with him in my lap for over an hour, so he woke up within 20 minutes of me moving him to the crib.  But he slept after that, and then I kept him in bed with me and we used the side lying position twice to make it to morning more rested. 

Last night we had a semi-date.  The baby sitter came over at 430, and we left her with Natalie and took William with us out to dinner.  Luck for us, William slept the whole time, so it was almost a real date!  After dinner, we still had about an hour left, so we went to the mall.  William was awake, so Mike held him as we walked around.  I found some great socks to replace all mine that are getting holes.  I like them so much I might wear a pair today before washing them.  When we got home, we got a great report from the baby sitter.  We were worried that Natalie cried a lot because we actually told her we were leaving, but she only cried for a few minutes then played again.  She didn't do great at dinner, but she is like that with us sometimes, too.  Plus, she demanded strawberries as soon as we got home, so she ate least ate those which are healthy.  We will definiatly be going on one of these semi-dates again. 

I also had my 6 week check up.  Everything was healing well.  Better than 6 weeks after Natalie.  I'll be going back in about two weeks to get an IUD that lasts five years.  We know we don't want a third child right now, and we are pretty sure we don't want anymore than two period, so this will give us some time to make 100% sure before taking more drastic measures. 

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