Sunday, October 2, 2011

a rainy weekend

Overall, we had a nice weekend around here.  We had planned to go meet up with neighbors and go apple picking, but rain all weekend long canceled that.  Instead, we all went shopping Saturday morning.  I took Natalie got things like rain boots and Halloween for her and shirts for me, while Mike took a sleeping William around to do the grocery shopping.  Then, Sunday morning we went to Shaws to return an item and get the things there we can't get at Walmart.  That went pretty well except for Natalie not wanting to sit in the cart (even though she loved it for like an hour at Marden's on Friday when I took them both shopping alone), and her getting upset again at check out. 

Things with William were up and down this weekend.  Mike talked to a coworker about William and was recommended that we try gas relief drops.  We've given them a try the last day and William does seem happier and did sleep longer stretches last night.  In fact, he slept a ton today.  I'm thinking that the gas drops might be the reason, but it could also be that he wasn't being interrupted in his sleep like he is when its just me and I have to keep moving him to take care of Natalie.  All that sleep though has meant less nursing.  I had some serious engorgement underway on one side this morning.  Unlike many days when he's eaten 12-15 times, today we will probably only hit 10 times.  I'm alright with that as long as he is still growing well.  Eight times is really the minimum for this age, so 15 times a day was a lot. 

So, William had some nice long stretches of content sleep.  But, he also was wide awake at 430 after nursing on both sides and I had to get up and take him out in the living room to "play" until he was hungry / tired again.  In retrospect, its possible that he just needed to be walked to sleep, but its hard to think about that at 430 in the morning after already being up for almost an hour nursing him as he squirms and grunts and keeps letting go and relatching.  Both Mike and I find this grunting he does very grating in the nerves.  There were other times over the weekend when he couldn't seem to make up his mind about whether he wanted to eat or not, couldn't stay asleep, or just generally wasn't happy. 

But, there we also some very nice times when he was alert and content.  He made nice cooing noises.  I saw him watching Natalie playing.  He looked out the window.  He focused on our faces.  It didn't seem like he played much on the floor because we were constantly holding him, but he gets a lot of time on the floor during the week when I have no choice but to put him down.  Mike was really happy to get some time when William was content since he often winds up holding him while I get a break from nursing. 

Natalie had a pretty good weekend.  With the two of us here, she gets a lot more attention for playing.  Some games she was playing this weekend were trying out her color wonder paints, building trains and castles out of blocks, and playing with her dishes and food in her room.  Earlier this week, we made ghosts for Halloween.  Natalie also started singing a lot of new YGG songs this weekend.  Her memory is incredible, but I guess we have watched these episodes a million times.  She's also been really into Cars the last week.  Everywhere we go she talks about the "magic cars."  She is also having a love / hate relationship with her new boots.  She loves putting them on herself, and can do it right about half the time.  But she also complains about them not fitting right. 

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