Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept 4

things are getting to be a pattern around here, at least a little.  So far, managing 2 has been pretty easy because William sleeps most of the time and Mike is here for the other times.  We aren't sleep deprived or relying on take out.  Natale is still doing well.  She is quicker to cry if she is reprimanded or falls down, but otherwise wants to help out or pays William no mind.  The best today was when she got a diaper and wipes from her room and brought them to Mike changing William in his room.  I then held her  up so she could watch and she pet William's head saying sorry because he was crying.  She is also reluctant to snuggle with us if we are holding him.  But this is all mild.  I'm worried about her running off and being naught when Mike isn't here.  That or climbing things when I can't get to her because I'm nursing.  This is why we have the sling, but still haven't tried it.  I've wante dto a few times, but Mike is worried about practicing first since the set up was hard.  I did try her nursing basket yesterday when he went to a car appointment and it worked some. 

Meanwhile, William continues to do great.  He sleeps longer stretches during the day - usually waking because we need to move or change him.  At night he goes 1 - 2 1/2 hours in his crib.  he'd probably sleep longer if I let him stay on me, but its too uncomfortable.  Even with the reclining position I learned from the lactician consultant, its hard to stay like that for a long period.  My neck hurts and shoulders get stiff. 

Night time nursing have mostly been me either trying to stay awake if sitting or trying to relax if reclined.  We have trouble with reclined on the tight side, so we only do the left.  I haven't been awake enough to try to read much, and feel pretty bad about reading aloud so little to William.  But, I read to Natalie once we got home from the hospital and William came home sooner than her.  True, its still very early, but I just don't want it to be a habit of not reading to him.  I'm hoping that maybe stories could be combined at some point.  We haven't spent much evening time together because by 9 I'm tired and he's ready for bed  by 10 or 1030.  With Natalie's bedtime over around 730, that doesn't leave long.  We are looking to try a movie tonight because at this age William won't care if he nurses and snuggles downstairs for a while versus being put to bed.  I am hoping to start a more regular bed time routine when he gets to be about a month old - with bath, lotion, stories and all of that.  its a little frustrating that I know he'll still get up, but hopefully it will be worth it.  The planning of his bedtime compared to her's will be a challenge.  At first it could be later, but eventually he will have to go to bed first or simultaneously. 

Today was a very humid day.  Nursing in William's room right now is horrible.  I'm so hot and sweaty and feel he is falling asleep just because he is hot.  I might need to consider spending the night in the living room.  We were really hoping to avoid an AC in here next summer, but its pretty gross. 

As far as health is concerns go, William is also doing well there.  He looks less yellow.  Even though the doctor made us go back Saturday for another test, we have not heard the results from the on call doctor like he said we would.  Must not be an emergency then.  Also we know he's gained all his lost weight back plus an ounce as of Friday morning and that to me was still before he was emptying my breast at a feeding.  he has tons of pee and is constantly leaking diapers.  Lots of poops of the correct color, too.  his umbilical stump is all shriveled, but smells, which I read is normal though.  His circumcision is also looking better.  we can't wait for it to be healed and the cord to fall off, just to make diapers that much easier. 

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