Thursday, September 8, 2011

I read this once before in Parenting magazine, and now I find that its true. When we are first time parents, we feel that having a newborn is so difficult. But once you have a second child, things seem to change. If it was just William and I all day, it would be so much easier. He sleeps most of the day and when he's not sleeping, he's often eating, which isn't too demanding during the day. Of course, when its your first child, everything is new, making everything harder. But I feel like if it was just William and I all day I could get a lot of things done. But, at the same time, you'd think that would also mean that I should be able to pay a lot of attention to Natalie with William around. That is yet to be seen. Mike has been around almost all the time so far. The two kids and I have been alone together several times, but William has slept for a lot of that. Things have yet to get overly challenging, but I know it will come. There will be a time when they are both crying and I can't help either of them.

Just now we just had a good stretch. First William napped on me after eating while I read a little. Then, we moved him over to Mike and I finished Natalie's birthday party invitations, worked on the kids' gift lists, and did a few other odds and ends. Meanwhile, Natalie was sleeping late from her nap since she took a while to fall asleep. I got her up at four, and we put together the craft from play group today. (A turtle made from a small paper plate with tissue paper squares for the shell pattern). It was so fun making it with her as she helped put the glue on everything, chose the colors, and then was excited to share it with Daddy and have him help. Then, Mike took her outside since its gotten sunny since this morning. Now, William and I are alone. I just need to get dinner in the oven in the next five minutes, and then I am totally free to take care of any of his needs, which look to include a diaper and feeding quite soon as he is moving around and making a fair amount of noise just now though his eyes are still closed.

While holding William earlier I couldn't help but think that its already hard to imagine how life was before him. He's only been home twelve days, but its hard to remember what it would be like to be with only Natalie again all the time. Even harder to remember, is how it was with Natalie before I was pregnant and we went on walks all the time. Or, how it was when Natalie was just a newborn. I do however remember what it was like before having kids at all. How it was to just have a whole day to watch TV and read (though I did often having work to do at home). But the idea of actually having a whole day at home with no kids is hard to imagine. I'd miss them, just like I did that one day I spent this summer away from Natalie. And, when I think into the future of when the kids are older and capable of very independent play for long stretches of time, I can't quite picture just hanging around again. (And of course, I'll be working and have grading again by then!).

Alright, have to stop writing and go put the roast in or both Mike and I will be annoyed that I through off dinner time so much.

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