Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A quick blog is impossible!

Thought I'd try to squeak a blog out quickly. I spent all my free time yesterday writing my blog about my most recent professional book and Sunday was our yard sale, so I haven't had much time to write about our regular life.

The weather has been horrible. Until today, we hadn't seen the sun for more than a week, excluding about 15 minutes on Saturday. It was really bumming everyone I know out. Around here, we had just gotten into a great routine of going out to play and go for a walk after Natalie's nap, but a week of cold and clouds ended that. We did manage to go to the park on Friday. Natalie wore her boots and splashed in a bunch of puddles. She enjoyed picking up rocks and going down the slide. It was nice that we were the only ones there because it was wet out. But the best part was when we first got to the park and she ran after some pigeons (saying pigeon, I swear, though I don't know where she learned it). Then, she went running towards the playground saying, "I'm coming park." Now that I know she loves going, I try to get us a little time over there when we are in the area to go to the library. We went today, but it didn't go as smoothly.

Today in general wasn't a smooth day. The morning started okay. Mike worked from home due to a dentist appointment. I took a shower, and he turned the TV thinking Sesame Street was on at 8 like it is on the weekend. But, it is on at ten. So, the morning was pretty easy since she watched TV. (In general, if I turn it on, I don't turn the TV off on her. Like, if Sesame St is preempted by another show, I'll find her something else. Or, I won't turn it on for me, then turn it off again. It seems mean to me). But, right when we were getting ready to leave, I put on one of her frog boots, and she has a melt down. Not like a tantrum, but really upset crying. I'm not sure what caused it. The boots should fit since wore them three days ago. Maybe I twisted her ankle, or she wanted different shoes, or who knows, but it was down hill from there. At the library, she melted down into tears at least four more times (twice involving slipping and bumping her head, and twice involving another girl wanting to share her bear with Natalie, though she's never had a problem swapping toys with that girl before). She was more cheerful after story time when she was in her stroller and got some raisins, but broke down again after trying to go down the slide on her tummy. She quickly agreed to go home to get lunch. After nap, she was a little grumpy at first, but far better. The weather had warmed up to 80! Mike went out to mow the lawn cutting out of work about 30 minutes early. I managed to keep Natalie occupied with changing clothes, sunscreen, toys, juice, and hand washing for about a half an hour, but then we were left with no other opition than to go outside since we were all ready. Mike was down with the back yard, but Natalie only had eyes for him and wanted to follow him around. I got her to play with her side walk chalk some, but she kept trying to run into the street to use it. It was a bit frustrating for both of us. She gladly came in to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and the evening went by pretty well, but some of the grumpiness came back.

A few new cute things she's done:
  • She sings Mama Mama, to the tune of Baba Black Sheep. Today she altered a few times for Dada, and once for Yum Yum. Natalie's life is a musical.
  • New words include bookmark and remote, both of which we only heard once. She's also saying nap, goat, geese. A great one today was ouch, when she bumped her head on the kitchen floor.
  • One of Natalie's favorite things to point out are families. For example, that a big and little animal are baby and mama.
  • Natalie can eat her yogurt with a spoon as long as I hold the cup. She dips it in and gets it into her mouth. This started Sunday. I'm thinking it is a big part of why she's been grumpy about oatmeal in the morning. She wants to spoon it herself, but was having trouble.
  • Natalie tries to blow bubbles. She can dip in the stick and pull it out, then she holds it up and blows, but doesn't get it close enough to her mouth without help. She's managed to get a couple though. She also can stack six blocks, if they are the big kind and if I help her straighten them out a bit.
  • Both yesterday and today, she wanted to go visit the babies at play group and the library. I just wish the babies were younger. William is not going to be a smiling 6 month old when he first comes home!
  • She really loved us singing Skidamarinkadink to her today. She crawled up on me and snuggled all happy, then crossed the room and did the same to Mike.
  • She's getting better at climbing up on to the furniture. She tries to get on her chair, but the booster seat is too narrow. Maybe now is the time to work on climbing into her car seat?
Our yard sale went pretty well on Sunday. The girls came over Saturday evening to help price. We had a lot of stuff to organize and price. We had wanted to just make sections for the prices, but we just couldn't spread out to do that, so we used a lot of stickers. In the morning, they were just a little late and we started setting up. There were a lot of people in the beginning, and then again around 10. After that, it was pretty dead. From lunch time on, there was maybe one person, so we shut up half an hour early. Natalie had a good time being outside, even though it was a bit cold out. She loved laughing with the girls, carrying her side walk chalk, climbing on some of the items, and kissing this toddler sized doll someone donated. Mike was awesome and chased her the whole time, so I got the longest span of sitting time in a long time. I really credit that for my hip feeling a lot better.

Saturday morning was also swim class. She was super excited to get in the water again. Actually, she will talk about swim class. She'll say pool and water. And she'll move her hand by her side like she's splashing water. When we got out to the pool, she practically jumped in. I was afraid to lower myself in, thinking she'd slip in while I did it. But, the lessons didn't go as well. She wanted to be there, but wanted to play in the water her way. The instructor mentioned getting wax designed for keeping water out of her ears. We did dunk her last time and this time, and she handled it very well. Until tonight, its improved her reaction to getting her hair rinsed in the bath, too. The end of swim class went the most poorly. She wanted to run around the outside of the pool, but we had to go get changed. Mike put her down to walk into the locker room even though I said I was worried she'd slip. She took one step and went right down. Mike was shocked that the floor was so slippery. Part of it is that she doesn't know to change the way she steps on a wet floor, but it scares me walking across it with her and pregnant. The last thing I need is to fall on the hard floor and send us sprawling.

Not too much else to comment on. We have somethings in the future. Tomorrow we might go for a walk with one of my neighbors and then see a friend in the afternoon, which is great for a Wednesday because that is the day we have no where to go! Thursday, I have a dentist appointment for a cleaning so Mike will be home to watch Natalie. It will be the first time he brings her to play group alone. This weekend is Memorial Day. Our big plan is for Mike to try to get things underway on purchasing the new car. Next week is a short work week for Mike, too. Between the holiday, my month appointment on Thursday, and his work outing on Friday, he only has to be in the office twice! The weekend of the 10th looks to be busy. My book club meeting will probably be then, and its the Relay for Life. Luckily, book club never meets on Saturday for some reason, so they won't be the same day. After that, we'll be going down to MA for Father's Day. July is also starting to seem busy with Mike's big work outing, my parent's visiting, and Harry Potter. We also usually do something for both my siblings' summer birthdays in there somewhere. And, my friend said she would throw me a baby shower. I'm thinking that would be in July as well, since August could be cutting it close if William is early.

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