Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some updates, but not everything

My book club book is killing me! I'm not really into it and reading it is taking up so much of my free time at home. Add to that some naps, being away from home for three days, Easter, and watching TV or movies with Mike, and we go two weeks with no blogs. I have a lot to write about, which is another reason I haven't written this week. It just seems like it will take so long to write. So, since I've already tripled the amount of time I was going to s pend on the computer anyway, I might as well knock a couple thinks of my list.

Natalie Update:
  • She has moved her ride on car forward instead of backwards.
  • She is working on her colors like she is her letters. That is to say, she says some of the color names and sometimes gets them right. Her favorite to say is blue. Usually, everything is blue (the same way all numbers are 2 or 3 and most letters are I, E, A, B, or C). We did get her to call two of her Easter eggs the correct colors after a while, but I'm not sure it stuck.
  • She has learned to throw things away. It started with me asking her to throw away a food wrapper a few times. Now, she will decide to throw away something, like a cruppled sticker, sticker backing paper, or tissue, and she will just walk out to the kitchen and do it.
  • She has been interacting more with other children. She had an awesome play date (more on that to come another time) and has interacted more with other kids at play group.
  • She knows to wait at the top of the deck stairs for us to help her down, which makes me feel like she probably would do this at most stairs, though I'm not anxious to try it. She grabs our hands to go down the steps one at a time. She sometimes will think about grabbing on to the wall or fence if we are taking too long to get to her, which gives me hope about banisters in the future. If its a lot of stairs somewhere else, she likes to go down on her bum.
  • When we read Pete's a Pizza at bed time, I usually read the bulk of the story and Mike reads (or recites since its memorized) the parts in parenthesis. Well, sometimes Mike isn't reading along and forgets. The other night, she looks over at him as his line approaches. When he doesn't say anything, she goes "dada, dada."
  • New words include: juice, bed, grape, water, eat, blue, Grover. She also learned to say EEE like a monkey and calls them EEE like she calls a sheep a baa. I also taught her to make a snoring noise for when she pretends to sleep, which is a current favorite game of hers.
  • She transitioned to her big girl bed beautifully. Its been a week, and she has had really no problems, so I guess we timed it well and presented it in a way she liked.
  • She is going to the end portion of play group more often. She sees the other kids sitting in the chairs and goes and joins them. She doesn't make it long though.
  • The other night, she knocked over her chair, and I swear she then said, "I sorry chair."
  • We are pretty sure that when she says bye, she now mimics how Mike and I say "love you," though it sounds like "a do." She used to say, "see ya," not since we've focused on this. But, the other night when they were playing outside, she wanted Mike to pick her up, then she snuggled him and he swears she said, "I love you, Dada." I'm not surprised because she loves outside and loves when he comes home and loves playing with him. (In fact it makes me a little sad that I'm not more rowdy with her, but even if I wanted to be, at 22 weeks pregnant, its not much of an option anymore).
Pregnancy Update:
  • Not as much to report, but still some worthwhile things.
  • First of all, I don't think I've written since we went to the ultrasound. We are having a boy! Which is the opposite of what everyone thought, but the picture was really clear. The means that we had a name all ready from when we were thinking of names before Natalie's ultrasound. So, our son will be (or is) William Stanley. William is after my Grampy (my father's father) and Stanley is after Mike's dad.
  • Everything else at the ultrasound was good. At that time, he was still hiding down my my left hip, so she had a little trouble seeing everything, but eventually did.
  • William moves all the time now. Usually, it notice him when I've sat down to rest, most notably after we've put Natalie to bed. But, there are plenty of times I notice him moving while Natalie is snuggling with me. Mike has felt him move now, though it was just in this past week. And, he's moved out of his corner and I feel him all over the place now.
  • We've made a lot of progress on William's room now that Natalie has her new bed. It looks like a bedroom now. The only big things we need are a dresser and to move the crib in. We've also made some progress on getting him clothes. I've gone clothes shopping with a neighbor to get second hand clothes twice now, but have mostly gotten older sizes. I've bought a few new things, and so has my mom, but we need more. There wasn't too much useful that we could use from Natalie. Lots of short sleeve onesies in yellow for example. But we'll need long sleeve sleep and plays, and we only had three of those, two of which we don't really like. But, a friend has said that she will throw me a shower, so hopefully that will take care of some of the problem since people like to give clothes at a shower. Now I'll just have to hope they shop wisely and get the right season and practical items.
  • You can tell I'm pregnant now. Though a complete stranger would probably not say so just in case. Most of the time, it doesn't slow me down, but there are starting to be times when I feel pregnant. Its harder to hold Natalie, particularly when not on my hip, since I can't put her weight against my stomach anymore. The warmer weather has allowed us to go for walks, but those also seems to be hurting my back / hip joints. Its not that bad, but inconvenient when trying to get up and down or trying to pick Natalie up over a gate or something.
  • I'm still finding it hard to believe we will have a second baby in about 18 weeks. Not only is it the logistics of caring for a newborn or fitting in all the custodial needs of two, but just a little sad about the snuggling and kisses Natalie gets. About how distracted I'll be at times. How neither of them will seem to get my full attention for long.
  • I'm also still worrying about making everything important and special for William as it was for Natalie. Thus far, I feel like this pregnancy has similar in those aspects for me. But I worry about not filling out his baby book as well or not taking pictures like we do of her. As a third child, I can notice those gaps in the record of my childhood.

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