Sunday, April 3, 2011

a reluctant blog

Its been a few days since I wrote and Mike is taking my lap top on his trip, so I won't have as easy a chance to write for the week. So, I feel like I should write. But, I'm also tried and would rather curl up on the couch.

We had a busy weekend. We went to Mike's cousin's confirmation party and saw all sorts of people there. Natalie charmed everyone and had fun running all over the house. Her favorite was running between the finished and non-finished portion of the basement going down and up the little half step. It was nicer out down there, so when Mike went out to play basketball, I took her out in the yard. I should have taken a picture. She had on her purple fleece coat that is still a bit big, with pink flowered tights and a pink corduroy jumper. Finishing the look were her frog rain boots and sunglasses. At first, she didn't want to get to far away from Mike and kept running into the middle of their game. Luckily, she didn't get run over or hit with the ball. I tried to bring her to a few puddles to stomp in, but she just wouldn't get that far from Daddy. A little later, she finally discovered the nature all around and started to enjoy leaves, acorns, sticks, and then finally digging in the dirt. I was very glad that I got to bring her outside while Mike was outside because it was getting to be too much chasing her around someone else's house. She did very well considering she had slept only an hour in the car from about 1030 to 1130, and made it all the way to regular bed time at 7.

This morning we went out to brunch with an old friend I've known since grade school. I enjoyed seeing her, but always feel two things when I do. 1) That she is such a good conversationalists, that I feel like after she's left that I never really asked her how she was because she was always asking me such good questions. 2) That it is very hard to be a good conversationalist yourself when you are taking care of a toddler who is bored with her toys and wants to play with all the items on the table, wants to eat the food off your plate, and just wants attention in general. But, it was a nice visit just the same and we might make plans for her to come up here sometime this spring. Natalie was happy once she got fed. In fact, she ate a lot today. She had oatmeal for breakfast and I put a piece of toast in the toaster for her when she saw a banana on the table. She wound up eating both. Then she ate a bunch of Mike's french toast and my hash browns at the restaurant only a couple hours later. When we got home, she had yogurt and a little Pirate's Booty. Then she ate a ton of ham at dinner with a big portion of zucchini. The only other notable thing about the morning was that no one ever changed the clock in the bed room we were staying in. So, when Natalie woke up at 620, I thought it was 520. So, I was annoyed and tried to get her to sleep with me on the bed some more. She didn't complain too much, but didn't sit still too much either. And, then she leaked her diaper. I'm thinking, great, she woke up because her diaper leaked and I didn't notice, and I felt like a jerk. After we'd been upstairs for a bit with my parents, I suddenly realize its an hour later than I thought! I had to go tell Mike it was really 730 and he was supposed to get up half an hour ago.

Natalie fell asleep in the car as soon as we got in the car after breakfast, but woke up when we stopped at a rest stop about half way home for me to pee. She whined some in the back seat, but never actually cried. Since there is no mirror in Mike's car, I couldn't tell if it was her dropping a toy, or her cup, or the sun in face, or what. That drive's me crazy. Once we got home, I went out and did the shopping and let Mike hang out alone with Natalie for a while. It was nice to not worry about where I parked and to put my purse in the front of the carriage and to not care if the line was long at check out because I could read a magazine. I also found Natalie some cute Kai-lan and Elmo pjs to give her to celebrate her new bed in a couple months. (Pjs are the last spring item we needed to get. I think we should get by now with one pair of footie pjs, one long sleeve set, and three short sleeve sets). When I got home, Mike and Natalie were snuggling watching Lilo and Stitch. Over the course of the rest of the afternoon, we got pretty well situated. I got the groceries put away, cleaned up the dishes, got dinner made, generally cleaned up a bit, and set up for bedtime and breakfast. Together, we got us unpacked, so that Mike could pack for his trip after bed time.

We both feel its kind of crazy that his trip is here! Mike hasn't been feeling well. I guess I never wrote about us getting sick middle of last week. Mike just felt sick, but I actually got sick. My stomach had felt bad since about 4pm, and we went to bed right after Natalie. I got up at about 10, and had something to eat in case it was more of morning sickness / blood sugar / pregnancy thing. I ate about half of the little cup, and threw up by the time I reached the bathroom walking back down the hall. It was sudden, and pretty horrible. After that, I was wide away and stayed up for a couple hours, mostly in case I got sick again, but I didn't.

I felt pretty much normal by Thursday night, but Mike hasn't recovered all the way. But, lots of other things have gotten in the way. First, we get freakin' 9 inches of snow on April Fool's. The power went out for just over two hours. (Natalie cried when it went out because we were snuggled on the floor watching TV). He was working from home because of the snow, but couldn't work with no electricity, but he had a lot to get done Friday, particularly because he was leaving Monday. So, the power being out stressed him out because of work, on top of there being no heat and not knowing how Natalie would handle bed time with no heat, no bath, no hot dinner, and no TV calm down. But, the power came back, he hustled his work, and we had no trouble with bed time. Mike decided to take care of the snow that afternoon, which was a good choice, but the activity wore him down some. Then, the family celebration took its toil, too, which they always do because he worries about feeling well enough to enjoy himself and such. So, now he is leaving tomorrow, but is still feeling pretty crappy. I'm hoping that this trip will help him out. I know he is sad to leave Natalie, but as he has said, he will have five days with no one and nothing to worry about but himself, so that should help him relax. He is going to Vegas, where he has never been, so it should be fun. The conference is the type where he just goes to what he feels like, so that isn't too stressful either. He even packed just a carry-on (even though he didn't believe he could do it at first when I suggested it), so he won't have to worry about lost luggage.

With my sister coming to visit, I'm not too worried about things around here. I'm a little worried that she will be late, because she isn't known for punctuality. But that would just mean one bed time alone. Tuesday Natalie has a doctor's appointment, but I'm not worried about anything about her right now and she does well with shots. The rest of the time will be just us hanging around doing fun stuff, until my doctor's appointment on Friday. I'm a little worried about that because I'm continuing to have discomfort, but I'm not really worried. Of course, there is worry that Natalie will miss Mike. That bed time or bath time might be rough because of it, or other random times. We also plan to Skype, which could go really well or bad. She does pretty well hearing him on the phone, so it will hopefully go well. I'm wondering if we should have talked up his trip more, but I did talk to her about it at bath tonight saying Daddy will be away and Auntie will be here, but we'll talk to Daddy on the computer like we do Nana. We'll just have to see. I'm also a little worried is she'll be mad at Mike when he gets home. But, I think this will be a good insight into how she will deal with me being gone for a few days in the hospital.

Speaking of which, Natalie was very clingy today. She was a bit whining at times, but when I was with her in the living room this afternoon between shopping and making dinner, she wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle. It was very nice. She also looked like she wanted more and more kisses, which isn't usual.

Alright, for not wanting to write, I have enough down. I feel like I'm missing all those sweet moments we had, and I have no idea how I'll keep up with writing about two kids.

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