Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cool Natalie Update

  • When Natalie sees me coming with a diaper, she lays down on her back on the floor. She also took out a diaper and the travel wipes from my purse, and ran into the living and laid down. This is especially funny because we've probably done less than ten diapers changes in the living room in her life time.
  • Natalie has discovered the wonders of nature. She likes rocks, pine cones, and dirt. She also had a huge smile for her first bug (which was some sort of beetle). She almost killed it trying to pick it up.
  • New words: tub, rub, names of Wonder Pets. Sesame St, and Kai-lan characters, and sorry. Its actually pretty crazy that she's used sorry in correct context a few times.
  • She got her lotion, which looks exactly like the bath soap, and pretended to wash Elmo's hands. She put a little on his hands, then rubbed them together.
  • After seeing another girl at play group put something in the trash, I asked Natalie to throw something away here, and she did it. She's done it several more times since then.
  • More trouble with the bully at play group. :(
  • Natalie is saying more and more sentences, like "I coming," "I sorry," and "now Momma."
  • She has been playing with opposites like up and down, and inside and outside.
  • She sings one line of Twinkle Twinkle little star, and often will sing the alphabet song tune all on her own. She's also been saying "roll" and rolling her hands like patty cake.

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