Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It figures...

I write a post about the cool things Natalie is doing, then she does a couple even cooler things the following couple of days.

  • Natalie loves pushing around her toys in a toy stroller and high chair. Last night, Elmo fell out of the stroller. She goes "oh no!" in this high concerned voice she's started to use when things like this happen. I ask if she's going to pick him up to continue his ride and she goes "no no no" shaking her head a bit.
  • Also last night, she picks up one of the needle point alphabet blocks I made her for Christmas (that she never plays with, so I never finished the last one). She starts turning it over and over and going "A ... B ... D ... E ... 2 ..." We were floored. Only some of those were on the block, but it showed that she recognized them as letters and she might have recognized the B and thought the upside down V was an A. So cool. Especially with a big on line discussion I had with another mom about early literacy the other day.
  • Not sure if I said this last post. She will lay down a toy and say "night night" to signify that its going to sleep. Here's the best part, often she will lean down and give it kisses.
  • She pretends to eat some pictures of food.
  • She is saying eye now, but still sometimes points to her ear.
  • She is in love with washing her hands during bath time.

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