Monday, July 11, 2011

Pregnancy Time Line of Preparedness!

  • Begin moving big items to new office downstairs, starting with Mike's computer desk
  • Continue sorting and packing up office items late but done
  • Start discussing new sleeping arrangements at G & G's house; also discuss if really need five hours to get here.
  • Work on plans for hospital stay (continue this every month)
  • Reading of second baby books
  • Spring / summer clothes shopping for Natalie by end of month (mostly Jumping Beans at Kohls) (one pack Carter's onesies, t-shirts, skirts, light sweaters, pjs, rain coat?)
  • Look for maternity jeans (so that aren't out of stock by the time really need them)

  • Continue moving things stored in office downstairs
  • Baby locks on desk in living room
  • Get Natalie some more big bath towels (and foam bath letter set)
  • Find a new place for paper recycling
  • Find a place to put papers to be brought downstairs to file - maybe one of those mountable mail holders? Go to Staples.
  • Buy Natalie new stroller at end of month a little late but done
  • Buy Caleb's birthday present!!! My mom's birthday! Also, Brianna's birthday.
  • Nana visiting!!!
  • Sign Natalie up for swim class?
  • Summer farm share
  • Mike's business trip and Auntie Jen's visit!
  • Move most of remaining items out of office
  • Clean new baby's room (vacuum, clean carpet, clean walls, wash blinds)- oops still haven't done this
  • Decorate office :)
  • Replace closet door in baby's room
  • Find out gender of baby!! April 14th!
  • Start tracking down actual copies of books about new baby

  • Make Natalie's room completely safe for night time wakings (especailly cords)
  • Start talking about big girl beds, maybe visit a friend who has one (like KM)
  • Move items for new baby's room out of Natalie room (adult bed, rocking chair, toys in closet)
  • Purchase Kai-lan sheets!
  • Arrange / decorate Natalie room using new space (floor titles, floor pillows, move some toys, etc)
  • Start doing diaper changes on the floor, then move changing table and diaper genie into new baby's room.
  • Finalize baby wish list for anyone getting gifts - haha, I'm always adding to this
  • Start serious discussion of new baby with Natalie if haven't already
  • Start reading books about babies with Natalie (start with general baby books, move to books with siblings, then lastly books about newborns and going to hospital)
  • Relay for Life yard sale
  • Mike's mom's birthday! Also, Caitlin's birthday (sent with Nana).

  • Sandals for Natalie and finish any summer clothing purchases (tanks, shorts, bathing suit)
  • New car shopping and I switch to Mike's car
  • Buy toddler bed
  • Assemble toddler bed
  • Try out toddler bed!
  • Leave crib disassemble in new baby's room
  • Find dresser for baby's room (even if wait to purchase or assemble it)
  • Get new baby a baby book - start filling out the beginning

  • Washing hand me down clothes and toys and putting away - started
  • Bring baby items up from basement, clean, and store in baby's room. - started
  • Finalize plans for all scenarios for Natalie's care during labor and hospital stay
  • Let Natalie help decorate baby's room and pick out some toys or clothes for baby
  • Start explaining that Mommy will need to go away for a few days when the baby comes
  • Finish "nursing basket" for Natalie and tuck away - maybe a canvas bag that I paint?
  • Separate newborn and toddler bath time items into two bins located in correct area of the house
  • Buy special book for new baby
  • Buy present for Natalie's visit to the hospital (small stuffed animal?)
  • Gather small stash of presents for Natalie in case we get visitors who bring gifts for the baby (stickers, cheap books, small toys). Give them to her for her birthday if never use.
  • Birthday shopping for Natalie (spend a little less since getting room decorations and nursing basket). Includes fall / winter clothes. - started
  • Buy hamper, lamp, dresser, night light, and any linens for new baby's room. - All but dresser
  • Buy double stroller.

  • Sibling class for Natalie? Nope, too young
  • Assemble crib early in month
  • Hang light blocking curtain, pictures on walls, night light, bed side table lamp, diaper pale, laundry hamper, dresser
  • Stock changing table and closet with diapers, toiletries, and wipes - lots of diapers!
  • Pack hospital bags - got a small pile started
  • Last minute changes to any written plans and notes
  • Print all plans and notes!
  • More prep for Natalie with books and seeing actual babies (can we find someone nursing?)
  • Take Natalie to visit maternity ward when at prenatal visit(s)
  • Update addresses and print labels for birth announcements
  • Look at birth announcement cards on line at Walmart
  • Sleep!

Due Date September 1st!

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