Friday, December 10, 2010

Natalie at Story Time (and family news update)

Natalie and I go to story at least once a week. Usually, we go to the baby time on Fridays, but sometimes we go on Tuesdays as well, like if a holiday has the library closed on Friday or we missed Friday for some other reason. Today at story time, it was great because it was two babies about 4 months old, three toddlers around Natalie age, a 3 year old, and a 4 year old. For once, it was mostly kids the correct age for that story time, which is advertised as 0-2 1/2. Natalie didn't want to sit with me today. I miss the times when she would just sit quietly on my lap the whole time. She wanted to get out of the story time room, but couldn't because we closed the door today. She gave our librarian Mrs. A lots of funny looks today, especially when she led everyone in patting their head as part of a song. But for me, the best part was when Mrs. A read a big book edition of Where's Spot? We've read this at home many times and Natalie knows were all the flaps are. Once I pointed out to Natalie to pay attention to Mrs. A, she went right over and stood as close as possible (and got back up when I tried to sit her down). As the book wore on, she got excited when they lifted the flaps as shown be her happy noises and squirming. At the end when Spot is found, she danced even more and clapped once or twice. So, cute. That makes up for her not wanting to sit on my lap.

As a finale for story time, our librarian pulled out a shoe box of bells to sing Jingle Bells. Natalie stayed up front. Throughout the song, Natalie took bells out of the librarian's hands and put them back in the box, while the librarian kept picking up new ones. Natalie liked shaking her bells, but taking them and putting them in the box was more fun. At the very end, she stood there holding the box as a few people put more bells in.

Mike talked with his mom. It looks like the move to Florida is a go. They are making progress in arranging the move and are planning to leave the beginning of February. Good for them to be making a positive change, but I am worried about it not working out. There will be three of them to find jobs in a time of a high unemployment. That's also the second move for the girls in a year, and one of them is struggling a bit. Of course, a move can always be a good thing if the previous school wasn't working out (academically or socially, though it was supposed to be a good school for academics).

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