Saturday, November 27, 2010

There isn't too much to write about, but I want to stay in the habit of writing. Some brief bullets:

  • I have been sick for about a week. It started with a sore throat, then turned into a stuffy noes of increasing intensity. Then add some coughing. Tonight, I'm feeling like it might be on the way out. I was very thankful for Mike doing so much of the baby wrangling the last couple days while at my parents' for the holiday.
  • I'm continuing to have mixed feelings about Mike being more involved with Natalie and our end to nursing. Its awesome to get a break, but then I feel like I'm losing my connection with her, or almost like I'm neglecting her! I know that's ridiculous. Having Mike chase after her for two days because I had a cold and it was my birthday, and then sleeping in for an hour this morning because it was still my morning to sleep in doesn't make me neglectful. I still sometimes feel myself longing for nursing, especially when she happens to slid her hand down my shirt a bit (which is rare) or when she leans back into my arm when sitting on my lap, which is so close to our old nursing position. Often when she does that, she sucks her thumb and puts her other hand up for me to kiss. I wish that happened more more often than it does. I wish we snuggled more in general, but it is really just her age, not that she loves me less. Nurse was just a way to get her to stay still to snuggle.
  • Pregnancy test on Tuesday evening was negative. We were going to test today before coming home, but I got my period Thursday morning. At first, I thought it would be spotting. And still a little piece of me is remarking that it has been a light period overall, but I think anything that could have been a symptom was really my cold coming on. The good news is that this cycle was actually back to normal - 30 days. My thought is that fulling weaning did the trick. It can't be a coincidence that right after weaning I get a period with some strong symptoms that is also right on time.
  • Gotten a bit of a start on the holiday shopping. Most of what we are getting Natalie is done. She is getting some more clothes and a few toys I had already purchased that we aren't counting towards her total. We have about $10-20 more to spend. She just got a lot of toys though, and often doesn't stay engaged with them for long, so I didn't want to spend all her money on toys. I bought one thing for Mike, too. The other items for eight other people on our list are planned, just not bought. And we've talked some about a couple other people.
  • We saw HP7 Part 1 last night at the IMax. It was great. There were only a few small things they changed that we didn't like. Pretty much all the changes were reasonable. For example, we both liked how the Harry says to Umbridge "I must not tell lies." The only change I have issue with is that it appeared that Harry did not take Draco's wand through magic. That is actually is a huge plot point and it seems a little lame that he just grabbed his wand out of his hand. But, I could be wrong. The scene was awfully fast. I was particularly impressed with how adult this movie was, which is good given the nature of the content. In particular, we have Ginny asking Harry to zip up her dress with no bra as well as the locket's depiction of Ron's fears. I couldn't help but leave the theater sad though because we didn't get to see the whole thing.
  • I started a book club on FB, but not much has been happening with it. I am hoping that it will work out. But, my neighbor who has a daughter Natalie's age mentioned to her sister that I wanted to be in a book club. Well, it turns out that the children's librarian who does story time is in a book club with my neighbor's sister and a few other women. So, I have joined that book club! They have been regular for about three years, so even if the FB one falls apart, this one should work out.
  • Natalie does something new or amazing pretty much everyday, but they aren't really things to write about. It will be something like figuring out she can walk under Mike's legs rather than around or getting down on her stomach to try to get something from under something else. Or she might show that she understands something we say. She also sounds like she might be starting to say, all gone.

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