Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not Much to Say

There isn't much to say right now, but I thought I would write quickly while I have a moment.

First of all, the morning after my last post, Natalie was fine. She had a little bit of reddness for the rest of the day, but it gradually got better and it didn't bother her any. We still went to play group same as always.

Speaking of play group. A woman from story time was there who I had mentioned the play group to. So now there are about 3 or 4 other babies about Natalie's age at play group on any given day. Natalie is still not wanting to listen to the story at the end of the session, but other kids don't either. She is doing increasingly well being a way from me to play, eating from a bowl without spilling it, and sitting in her chair.

Today a friend from teaching and her son came over for a play date. It was chaotic, but still great fun to see them running around tearing the room apart. We saw them back in July, and it was fun to see a little window into what Natalie would be like in 4 months. In a lot of ways, Natalie and this little boy aren't all that different, but he is much more aware of how things work and what he can do, as well as saying many more words and starting to climb up on things. Oh what the future holds for us in both delights and obstacles!

We moved the play pen out of the living room and rearranged the furniture a bit today to accommodate for the extra space.

The only other thing on my mind is kind of stupid. My cousin posted on her FB about a friend whose family lost everything in a fire. They have three kids including a girl Natalie's age. So, I gathered up a good sized box of stuff for them. Well, I'm all for giving and generosity, but I don't really want to pay to have this box shipped to them. But, they live more than an hour South of here. So, now I have this box of stuff I want to donate, but not really sure how. It just bums me out. I was feeling good that I was going to be able to help these people out just a tiny bit, and now I feel like I wasted my time. Then I have this box of stuff I was willing to give away to a good cause, but is kinda too good to just give to Good Will.

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