Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool New Things From Natalie

  • Natalie has already mastered taking off her socks, but she really surprised me yesterday when she tried to help me put on her shoes! She tried to pull the strap across her foot and stick the velcro. She did this at least twice with me and once with Mike.
  • Natalie kisses the picture of a sad baby in one of her books. This morning Mike says she put down her toy on the table, then picked it up again, kissed it, and put it back down. He also says that the other night she was holding her cabbage patch kid and patted her on the back. It is so sweet to see her show that she knows how to comfort.
  • We started a new sippy cup with no handles and a hard top for milk. We'll see how it goes. Yesterday she liked it, but that could be because of the Sesame Street characters.
  • Natalie is working on stacking blocks and putting objects through slots. She got very frustrated with putting a toy cd into its player last night and cried.
  • Natalie hits buttons on toys down deliberately and pushes hard enough for them to work.
  • She can open and walk through doors if they are not latched.
  • She can walk backwards a couple steps, especially to back up to sit down on a lap.
  • Last night while I was reading Goodnight Moon for bed time, she picked up her brush and started to brush her hair when I said "brush" in the story.

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