Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Montage and more

I've spent most of my day making this montage. I'm rather impressed with it, and also with how easy this site makes it to make impressive montages. But, the "premium" issues are bothering me. We want to buy the download of the montage, but we aren't sure if that means we won't get to see the "premium" functions. What is lame is that the borderline crappy remakes of all the music are considered "premium" as well as text features such as color. Not so "premium" in my mind. But, it looks like we are going to be able to show a nice video at Natalie's birthday party and get to keep it for a reasonable amount of money.

Doing this all day has pretty much baby nostalgiaed out. Hopefully, this won't affect my in-person time with Natalie because tomorrow we are going to be alone together all day. Mike is leaving around 530 for a hike in the White Mountains and won't be home until something like 9. Then Friday, Mike will be working from home to recover from the hike, but Saturday through Monday, Natalie and I will be visiting my parents without Daddy so that we can go to a baby shower on Sunday afternoon in NH. That's a lot of time with Natalie without much relief. Sure, my dad offers to watch her all the time while I'm visiting, but Natalie doesn't always agree with this idea. Natalie doesn't always even want to be with her daddy, especially when she knows I'm out in the kitchen washing dishes or peeing across the hall in the bathroom. Mike's getting a hike that is important to him and almost a whole weekend to himself to do whatever he wants (not that he asked for it, but he is getting it). I'm hoping that this is going to come back around to me in some fashion. I can't remember when I was last alone in the house, and I know the last time I was it was for a few hours. Even though I know I'd be lonely and even worried after the first few hours, I would really like a day (not just a couple hours) to myself. I can't even imagine a whole weekend. I could sleep in. I could lounge around reading. I could watch a movie. I could make cookies. I could clean the mildew out of the washing machine. I could see friends and give them my undivided attention. I could go for a walk and not have to pushing a stroller and use my headphones. I could go clothes shopping for myself and try on the clothes. I could do all these things instead of just choosing to do one.

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