Monday, August 9, 2010

It could have been like The Exorcist

We had a touch of mayhem here this evening. My rash got worse over night. Not horribly worse, but enough for me to call the doctor and get an appointment. But, the time was at 445. With my friend camping, it was going to mean me bringing Natalie (which I just invisioned as lots of crying in the car, messed up dinner, and trying to get into everything in the doctor's office while I'm being seen). I called Mike in the hopes that he could come home about 30 minutes early, and luckily he could. I felt a little bad doing it since he worked from home Thursday and took Friday off, but at the same time, it was only 30 minutes and made a really big difference in the ease of things.

Well, it was supposed to at least. And it did, for me, but not so much for Mike and Natalie.

Mike fed Natalie dinner. She wolfed down a jar of peas, but didn't want anything else. He found a little bit of spit up on her leg then, but didn't think much of it. This is less than she would usually eat, but they went out to the living room to play. They were having a good time, but when Mike turned his back for a minute, she picked up a piece of magazine she'd ripped out earlier and tried to eat it. Next thing Mike knows, a huge amount of pea colored puke comes pouring out in two gushes. He said that she was okay at first, but then when she saw his reaction and wisked her into the shower to clean up, she got upset. He then put her in the pack and play to clean up the carpeting. Poor Natalie and Daddy.

She was okay the rest of the evening, just a bit clingy to me once I got home. It was sad when I left because she knew I was going and didn't want me to leave. I was worried about the difference in what she had for dinner tonight versus most nights. She usually has dinner consisting of a 4 ounce jar of food and a couple selections of finger foods. Then, when we have dinner, she has some of our food and some puffs. Then at bed time she nurse. Tonight, she had less than usual to eat, then puked it up, then she was fussy during nursing. I'm worried she is going to be hungry tonight because of that. If she's not, does that mean that she is just dealing it with it tonight or does it mean that she is getting too much on other nights? Was her fussiness at nursing part of her problems before or is it a problem with my milk (due to my returning period or something else?) or was she too tired? I've started wondering if her rolling around during nursing is because she is so tired and she wants to get comfy like she can in her crib. But, I worry that if she doesn't nurse enough then, not only will she cry when we pick her up to put her in the crib, but she won't be persuaded into nursing long enough to get all the milk she needs.

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