Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Clothes

I've become completely obsessed with 12 month size baby clothes. This is really the first time that I am getting to buy a wardrobe for Natalie. Before she was born, I bought one package of onesies. At my baby shower, I was given a HUGE bag of hand-me-down baby clothes. Then, at Christmas Natalie received more clothes. During the winter, I bought her a few more sleep and play outfits. Over the summer, she has mostly worn two different sets of onesies that I bought with rotating with a few dresses and a few skirts. The big different now is that we have almost no gift or hand-me-down clothes going into this size and she now dresses mostly like an adult, except for underpants. This means new everything. New pjs. New shirts. New pants. New sweatshirts and sweaters. Coat, socks, tights, head bands, dresses, jumpers, skirts! Its all so cute! At JC Penney over the weekend we spent about $50 on Natalie getting her two complete outfits, a sweatshirt, and a outwear pants and coat set. Today at Walmart, I spent $23 on her and got a dress (possibly to wear to her birthday party), two 3/4 length sleeve shirts, and two pairs of pants (one of which is 18 month size, so we'll put it away for later). And we shouldn't forget the four pack of long sleeve onesies and matching two pack of pants I got her in TX when we went to the Carter's store.

I think that trip to the Carter's store is really what did it to me. When we got home from TX, I "liked" Carter's on FB. That lead me to their web site. Which lead me to making Natalie a wishlist. A few items on her wish list:

It seems like I've already bought a fair amount of clothes, but she needs to have roughly 14 outfits. That gives us two outfits a day (in case of various types of messes; today was a three outfit day due to some gagged up puke and sitting in a puddle on the driveway) for a week before we need to do laundry. Previously, her pants and skirts got more than one use, but I'm not sure that will be the case with so much crawling and food touching in her future.

What has been particularly fun was realizing that the big girl clothes sections with all the 2T and 3T clothes seem to also have 12M sizes. That means that we are shopping in whole new areas in all our regular stores. And, these areas have more selection. It means the only items with feeties are pjs, and fewer onesies.

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