Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday List for Natalie

Natalie requests some presents wrapped in paper so she can rip and tear it, but tissue paper is fun, too. :) She also likes stick-on bows. Big boxes make great gifts, too, even if there is something small (or nothing at all) inside them. To not put a damper on the unwrapping fun, Natalie also requests anything she might rip off and put in her mouth be removed from presents in advance if possible. Tags could be tucked into an envelop instead.

Zoobies - animal book / magazine
Books with flaps or slides (too many per page is overwhelming)
Where's Baby's Belly Button - Karen Katz
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Brown Bear What Do You See
Polar Bear What Do You Hear
The Very Quiet Cricket (if used, make sure the last page still chirps!)
The Very Grouchy Lady Bug
The Very Lonely Firefly (if used, make sure the light at the end works!)
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving - Dav Pilkey
Gus, The Pilgrim Turkey - Tereas Bateman
Knuffle Bunny - Mo Williems (any of the three stories)
Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed - Mo Williems (pretty much anything by him is great)
How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats? - Jane Yolen
Panda Bear and Polar Bear - Mattew Baek
Disney's Treasure of Children's Classics from Cinderella to Lion King
Tails Are Not for Pulling - Elizabeth Verdick
Fletcher and the Spring Blossoms - Julia Rowlinson

See Babies R Us wish list for more details
Gund stuffed animals - such as Classic Pooh Bear or Eeryore, Cookie Monster, hand puppet

A second pair of Robeez shoes. Not pink or purple. Not Mary Jane style (her foot is too chubby on the top). She currently has a size 1. Might want to get a receipt in case that changes by her birthday.

See Carter's wish list for specific items we like (You can use them as a guide). All clothes are size 12 months and should be preparing for fall and winter. (In March, she will be 18 months and will need warm weather clothes). Lots of the Carter clothes can be found in stores like JC Penny, Khol's, and Sears.

PJs - Natalie needs both fall and winter pjs

Long and short sleeve onesies

Pants (including jeans and leggings)

Sweaters / sweat shirts (hoods are nice, cardigan style is best)

Jacket (we really like the one on the Carter's wish list for this item)


Winter hat / mittens (This is really more for Christmas, but I put it on here while I was thinking of it)

Head bands - stretchy kind that go around the whole head, should be soft fabric that won't dig into her scalp

Gift cards:
Borders (Barnes and Nobel works, too, but we have a Borders in our mall)
Babies R Us / Toys R Us
iTunes (to make her a music cd)

Other stuff:
Front facing car seat (See Babies R Us wish list)
Zoobie - blanket toy, probably want baby size, definitely not jumbo size!
Size 4 Huggies Little Movers Diapers
Huggies Natural Care Wipes
Diaper Gene refill (blue)
Toy chest (must have a lid that will not fall down)
Child size table and chairs (good yard sale item)

Things Natalie Does Not Need:
Bath wash and shampoo (those bottles last forever!)
Small toys like teethers and rattles
Most Dr. Seuss Books
Really fancy dresses - we will probably pick out one for Christmas, but otherwise, she is uncomfortable wearing them for daily play
Snow suit / snow pants

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