Friday, May 7, 2010

yea for the crib

Today was a pretty good day. Things didn't go according to schedule, but there were some accomplishments and very little in the terms of melt downs.

On Fridays, I try to get Natalie down for her 9 o'clock nap a little early, which is usually not a problem and she often goes down early on other days of the week, too. Today, I put her in the crib around 845, but I had to put her back on her back three times before she settled down and slept. It was funny because she went to sleep almost immediately after the third flip. But, by then, it was close to 915, and to get to story time on time we have to be out the door at 940. So, that didn't happen. Instead, we were out the door at 10. After a slight annoyance (the mail box we walk pass isn't wide enough to fit the unabridged hard cover of The Stand I was mailing for the Goodreads book swap causing me to have to back track and go wait in line at the post office), we made it to story time to hear the very end of a book and one song. But, we did get to visit with our neighbors.

When we got home, I didn't realize how late it was. I had lunch before nursing Natalie figuring she could wait 15 minutes. She kept fussing at me. Then I realized it was almost noon and she usually nurses at 1045 (or more like 1115 on Fridays). I appologized and nursed her right away. But, she didn't fall asleep. That was highly usual for lunch time nursing, especailly since it was late. So we played together some and went outside. At 1, I was going to take us out for a walk, where she would fall asleep in the carriage. But, she was definitaly tired by that point and I thought, "Why not just put her in the crib? We can always go for a walk later for her late nap, or we could go in the stroller with her awake." So, I put her down and she slept until about 245! She hasn't napped that long in the crib since she was a newborn! It really made me proud of both of us because a couple months ago she was napping for three hours a day on my lap.

The rest of the afternoon passed well. We played some more, nursed, and took a walk to the gas station on the corner to get milk so we'd have enough after getting home from visiting this weekend to tide us over until I can go shopping on Monday. Mike got home just as I was finishing feeding Natalie her dinner. She was a bit cranky during the evening, but that was because by the time we started bed time, she's been up for 4 hours. I hope that we can keep a sleeping schedule a little closer to this up. I feel like she is too old for four 30 minute naps and to only stay awake for about 2 hours at a time.

When Mike got home, I though to ask him if he had taken care of his mom for Mother's Day. That brought up the subject of what he was doing for me for Mother's Day. It was at this time that we realized we had different ideas in mind about how Mother's Day should go. However, despite any intentions, we are going to be visiting first my parents then his mom for the weekend, so it doesn't really matter. We can't got out to lunch or dinner or anything. I can't have any time to myself since we'll be away. I made him a feel a little bit bad that this first Mother's Day won't be that "special."

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