Monday, May 17, 2010

To Do List for Yard Sale

  • print 30 more flyers
  • put flyers in mailboxes
  • maybe put flyer up at bottle redemption place
  • take pictures of the desk
  • make a sign with pictures of the desk
  • call Sun Journal to put ad in the paper
  • get yard sale signs?
  • post yard sale signs?
  • make big sign for the corner (Sarah and Lauren)
  • make Natalie a t-shirt?
  • get change from the bank
  • find a container for holding the money
  • get clipboards, pens, and envelop out for luminaries
  • bake cookies to sell
  • wrap baked goods
  • find pricing stickers, or buy new ones

Shopping list / errands:
  • change at bank
  • buy cookie dough
  • onesie for Natalie to make a tee shirt
  • purple ribbon to wrap food
  • sandwich baggies
  • purple ribbon, pink ribbon, and safety pins
  • poster board?
  • pricing stickers?
I'm suddenly feeling a bit anxious about the yard sale since I realized its only a few days away! There is a lot to do, but so little time to do it because I spend all day with Natalie. Maybe when Mike is home on Wednesday for his dentist appointment I can get some time to work. I am doing this with two other girls, but we haven't communicated that well what we are all doing. I should be fine in terms of bake goods and the signs because they said they would do those, but I'm not sure about when they are getting here to help in the morning. You know college kids like to get up late! This wouldn't be a big deal, but I might be busy nursing Natalie until almost the time the sale starts.

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