Monday, May 24, 2010


I thought I would get more emotionally involved in the season finally. The best conclusion I can come to is that I was so tired by 11 that I wasn't as invested as I could have been, as well as the frequent commercial breaks affecting your ability to become totally immersed in the story. The ads is where I usually slip into sleep, so that was a struggle for me.

Things that still weren't answered!
  • Why can women not conceive and live through birth on the island?
  • Why did that statue have only 4 toes?
  • What ever happened to Michael and Walt? Why weren't they there at the end?
It turns out that Mike and I predicted accurately what would happen in terms of Jacob's replacement. A couple weeks ago we said that I thought it would be Hurley and Mike thought it would be Jack. Then a couple days ago, we got to talking and said that Jack might die and Hurley would take over. I really liked that Vincent (that is the dog's name right?) was with Jack at the end. It would have been too much for him to die alone. I also really liked Ben's redemption at being Hurley's adviser.

I did find the choices of who would be at the church at the end and who wouldn't curious. Why wouldn't Alex and Rousau to be there? Why not Michael and Walt? Why not Miles and Lupidus? It also seemed like Sun and Jin's daughter should have been there, but I understand the difficulty in doing that since she wasn't born yet. I did like this reason behind the "side" flashes. I thought it was an interesting way to go since there were a lot of guesses in the beginning of the show that they were all dead. They all seemed much happier in these alternate lives. Is this a glimpse of how they would have made Heaven for themselves? Of course, the most fun aspect of that side ways time line was seeing all the minor cast characters showing up all the time.

As Mike said to me this morning, it did leave you wondering how Hurley's time on the island played out. What were the conclusions for Desmond, Rose and Bertnard, Hurley, and Ben? Weren't some of Whitmore's men still there, too? And what about those on the plane? Does Clair raise her baby with Kate? Do Kate and Sawyer finally get together now that Jack is out of the picture? All very interesting to think about, but these unanswered questioned aren't the kind you feel angry about. These are the good kind of loose ends to have at the end of a series.

We watched the recap show at 7, but found that it really was more of a tribute show. It reviewed all the main characters and crucial story elements, but it wasn't like the other recap shows. The cast interviews were fun. For example, I had never noticed that Sawyer said son of a bitch so much, and it was then funny every time he said it in the last episode. (We also enjoyed when he called "Lock" Smokey). We also didn't know that the show was filmed in Hawaii. That was really cool that all but 3 or 4 scenes were filmed there give the various locations of the series. I also thought it was interesting to hear the way that the show had been ground breaking in terms of the cinematography and the international cast. It was very cool to think that the Sun and Jin episodes in subtitles were ground breaking and accepted. What the recap show really did though, was make me want to rewatch everything from the beginning. It was a little sad for me because I missed a fair amount of season 5 due to falling asleep too early while I was pregnant. (I think that is why I was never fully happy with Sawyer and Juliet; I never saw that episode when we first see them together). Not only did the recap remind me of all those great moments of the show that you want to see again, but it also makes you want to go looking for all the cool details (like the books, for instance, or the numbers), which you can do when you already know the story line.

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