Thursday, May 20, 2010

The good life

You know that you have a pretty good life when you can get riled up over yard sale signs. I mean, if we had it rough, I'd be freaking out over something more important, right? So, I spent time getting yard sale signs ready to go. I hung the big one up in the yard and my neighbor comes over to tell me that he once got a ticket for doing that. Seriously? A ticket for having a sign on your yard? So, I called Mike to ask him a totally unrelated question (how to lengthen the car seat straps), and I mention this. He starts saying I should call the town before I do anything else. This sets me over the edge with annoyance because Natalie is freaking out in her car seat and I look out and see that my sign has flown off the tree out front into the street. Mike was nice about it, though I think he thought I was being ridiculous. He looked up the town number for me and I called them when we got off the phone. Turns out yard sale signs on your own property are not illegal, but other kinds of signs selling things can be. But, I also asked about hanging up other yard sale signs, and its pretty much impossible because it can't be on a utility pole (which I knew) or a sign pole (which I guessed) or someone else's property (which was obvious). That basically leaves ... no where. So, everyone usually just ignores this law, but Mike and I are paranoid that we will get caught and fined, which would be super annoying because we've already put money into this yard sale and its for charity. We aren't making anything off of it. We don't want to chance losing more money. So, when Mike got home, he took a pole for painting ceilings and duct taped my sign to it and hammered it into the lawn. Yea! It sucks that we can't put signs down the street to get more business, but I'm happy with this compromise.

I am a little worried about how the yard sale will go. The first snag has been hit in terms of the other people I'm working with. One of the girls forgot that we were going to do some work tomorrow night. She is no longer going to work on the baking and may or may not be coming to help price. She was also the one who didn't want to come too early the day of the sale, so I'm not sure when she is arriving on Saturday. I'm just worried because with the baby, Mike and I can't do this alone and we really can't afford to have things fall apart at the last minute without looking bad to our neighbors and annoying a potentially large number of people.

I feel a little silly getting so into a yard sale, but really, its nice to have something to organize other than being a mom. At the same time, being a mom doesn't allow me as much time as I would like to go over all the little details. I'd much prefer us to have more work done 36 hours before the sale opens. But again, we must have a pretty good life if I don't have anything more important to worry about than a yard sale.

Not too much else to write about. The days have been pretty average. Natalie had me a little worried with short nursing sessions in the afternoons, but then yesterday she napped and nursed for two hours and she did it again today. She does have a cut on her toe, which is probably from walking barefoot in the yard. That makes me feel bad because I don't know how she got it, but then, if she didn't cry or complain, how bad can it really be? She's been continuing to work on the crawling, or it might be trying to stand up, because now she is putting one leg out with her foot on the floor. We've also introduced her to pots to drum on. She's really been into dancing (really swaying and / or bobbing her head) to music. She tried peaches and the puff things she loves. That's about all there is going on with Missy Miss.

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