Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Ups and Downs

Today's Downs:
  • No naps in the crib today. At 9 for nap number one, I might have let her cry on her tummy for too long before flipping her over. I did flip her over three times, but her crying didn't get any better. After close to 20 minutes, I gave up. She calmed down and didn't seem that tired. She napped on me at 1030 after nursing instead. She got a nice hour and half long nap. She then slept in the car on the way home from the store and stayed asleep while I put away all the groceries and did a little bit of work around the house.
  • We had some grumpy times today, and they were down times for the day, but over all it was not a down day. I tried hard today to let her try to work through her own grumpiness. So, instead of getting up and walking her around or feeding her early or putting her down for a nap, I tired to sing to her or give her toys to play with. I dumped the whole toy bucket out for her today and she really seemed to like that.
  • We also had some crying due to injuries today. She bumped her head at least once. Recently, we've had a couple of times when she's gotten upset bumping her head on me, mostly my chin. Today, she fell over on a hard plastic toy. Another time, she was playing with a toy with wheels, and while I was looking at the TV, she hurt herself with it somehow. I heard her start crying and it quickly elevated to the I'm-not-breathing-crying. I felt bad because this was a toy that was supposed to be for 12 months, but I couldn't see why. I think she pinched a finger or lip in between the wheels, but I'm not sure. I also don't know how a one year old wouldn't do that.
  • I need to work on getting ready for the yard sale we are going to have for Relay for Life. I need to talk to the local paper about an ad and I'm going to make a flyer to put in our neighbors' mailboxes. This all isn't that hard really, but its not how I want to spend my free time. Maybe I can call the paper on Thursday when Mike is working from home so I can go to the dentist. (That's another down on its own. I'm not looking forward to the dentist because I feel I haven't been taking good care of my teeth, so I'm worried they will want to do a lot of fillings. Not only is that money, but its time Mike needs to work from home and drilling stresses me out).
  • Natalie continues to do this weird slouching thing in her high chair and it drives me crazy! I don't know why she does it, because it doesn't look comfortable at all. It looks like she can't breath and she can't open her mouth wide. Her butt slides forward to the divider between her legs that helps hold her in and she arches her back. I've considered if its food related, but she does this when she's in the chair even when she's not eating - like when we have her in there to play or before she is given any food. I've tried adjusting the straps to be tighter and higher, but that doesn't change her ability to do this. I've tried putting something in the way of her legs sliding forward, but she plays with it and pulls it out. Today, I wedged something behind her back to make her sit up, and that worked some. I just don't understand why she sits that way when she is totally capable of sitting up correctly and will do it in the chair sometimes.
  • I checked the ingredients on Coco Puffs today. They no longer have wheat listed in the ingredients by have a warning underneath that says "may contain wheat." So lame! I tried a generic version of this cereal about four years ago and really loved it, then they started to add wheat to it. I was really lucky I caught it, too, because I read the package on a whim when it was sitting in front of me on the table. Ever since, I've wanted to have a cereal like that again, but Coco Krispies aren't the same and all the store brands have wheat or a warning.

Today's Ups:
  • Good episode of House.
  • After my little venting session about tummy time and crawling last night - Natalie did two long tummy time sessions today without any prompting from me. She fell on to her tummy and agreed to stay there. During the longer one in the afternoon, she worked on lifting her butt and getting on to her knees! I was able to get a short video to show Mike, which he really liked. I gave her applauds and such to let her know she was doing good.
  • Natalie tried yogurt today. This was her first diary product and she had about 2 oz with no negative reaction that I could see. She seemed to like it though it was messy going. She tried banana flavor, which is something she's had before. We might try a piece of real banana later this week. When we did the shopping today, I bought an extra banana just for that purpose. I'm going to wait until its really ripe so that its soft. I also bought her three stage 2 jars. Two of them were just mixed veggies, though one had potatoes, which she hasn't had yet. The other one is a veggie and pasta mix. I think we might avoid meat until she can eat it in a non-puree form. That just doesn't seem natural.
  • Natalie also ate a full jar of peas at dinner tonight. This is her first time eating a full jar of food. She might have done so before if I had let her, but she really seemed hungry enough for it today. I'm thinking we'll keep lunch at half a jar for now, and try to up dinner to a full jar from now on. (These are stage 1 jars).
  • Three poops today! I feel like this is a more normal volume of poop compared to the one or two small ones I was getting last week.
  • Natalie did some big time scooting around on her butt today. She moved about 3 or 4 feet closet to me over the course of a half an hour.
  • I finished the second volume of Sandman today. At first, I wasn't liking it because I didn't understand why all the pieces were there, but it came together nicely in the end. I will be getting volume three out soon I think, maybe even on Friday.
  • Mike's mom has volunteered to baby sit for us soon so that we can go out to the movies. Now we just have to pick the movie; there are a few out now that we want to see.
  • I brushed a dense cue ball size ball of fur of Snickies tonight. She was really loving the brush, too. Mike would put this under the negatives for the day because of the mess it made. Another kitty plus was that the last two nights, Ellie has used the cat bed I bought about four years ago. We have it in the corner where its clock off by the diagonally positioned end table between our living room chair and sofa.

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